The Band

About Yasgurs

Yasgurs Farm is a 10-piece Soul and Funk-Rock band based in Toronto, Ontario. Whether they are keeping the dance floor alive with everyone’s favorite hits, or laying down the groove with original material, they always leave their audience satisfied.

The band met while studying music at the University of Toronto. They found a connection in the timeless music of the 60s and 70s covering artists such as Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Chicago, Tower of Power, and Steely Dan. With elite musicians in their rhythm and horn sections, Yasgurs Farm prides themselves on providing exceptional entertainment through authentic renditions of today’s hits and yesterday’s classics.

The band also puts their creative talent into full effect when writing and recording original material. They venture to create an organic sound that sits in the deep groove of their roots while encouraging freedom and improvisation. They look forward to releasing their debut album in the coming months.

You can find the band performing at venues all over southern Ontario. Keep up with dates on the band website:

Yasgurs Farm is available for weddings, festivals, and corporate events.