The Tiki Collective and Yasgurs Farm

Date : 26 / Feb / 2018
Time : 8:30pm
Address : 370 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A2
Show Ended

The Tiki Collective and Yasgurs Farm

Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, ON

Break out your dancing shoes for whats sure to be a memorable musical night. Join the Tiki Collective and Yasgurs Farm at the Horseshoe Tavern and dance the night away!

The Tiki Collective will be jamming out to their collection of Exotica, Surfer, Jazz music, and we will bring out the funky jams!

We cant wait to jam the evening away with with them!

The Tiki Collective Members:

Eric St-Laurent (MD, Guitar), George Koller (Bass) Great Bob Scott (Drums) Ernie Tollar (saxes and flutes) TBA (vibraphone)

Singers: Jocelyn Barth, Lily Frost, Joanna Majoko, Jessica Lalonde and Tyra Jutai